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Game Provider: Spribe

RTP: 97%

Paylines: N/A

Min Bet: $0.01

Max Bet: $10000

Progressive: No

Type: Video Slot

Theme: Arcade

Volatility: High

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You will often hear of how the gambling universe is one that is ever-changing, and today you’ll see evidence of this with the game we’re reviewing. Aviator, a crash game, from expert development team Spribe.

Aviator Crash Game represents a move away from the traditional casino game, and it’s innovation at its very best from start to finish.

Spribe, the creators of Aviator, are a UK-based iGaming studio that launched this title in 2019. Their ethos has always been to innovate and break the mould, and Aviator perfectly represents this way of thinking. It’s not a game that has been designed to defeat the content that’s already thriving, such as video slots, but rather act as an accompaniment and an alternative option.

We’ll get into how exactly Aviator works shortly, but in short, it’s a crash game where a plane takes off and climbs through the sky. But it’s a case of what goes up must come down, so there will be a crash at some point, and it’s when this occurs that is crucial for those who have placed bets.

Game Design

In many ways, you could say that a lot of the top crypto-orientated games out there are the ones that take the simple yet effective approach.

Of course, some excellent titles are pretty complex, but many people enjoy straightforward games in terms of mastering how they work. And that’s precisely what we get with Aviator by Spribe.

As soon as you load the game up, you can tell it’s an incredibly simple title that everyone will be able to pick up quite quickly. Punters will see a graph-like background with simple colours involved, such as black and red in the main.

The animations used are basic too, but they’re effective, such as the sketch of the red aeroplane that is integral to the game. It flies across the page in sketch form, but the propeller and the plane are animated, so it’s not too basic. Spribe get the balance just right for the type of game that Aviator is and who they want to attract to play.

Best Casinos To Play Aviator With Real Money

The first point to note where Aviator is concerned is that this Spribe title isn’t just available at standard online casinos. It’s playable at mobile casinos and crypto gaming sites too. So this immediately makes Aviator one of the most accessible casino games around. Of course, the best casinos to play Aviator at with real money will come down to the platforms that suit the player rather than the game itself.

Being accessible in the casino world is key because it means that a game is going to appeal to the majority rather than the few. It’s what Spribe had in mind when they brought Aviator to market, and it’s a game that has been snapped up by the Best Crypto Casinos around the world. But, it’s also essential to bear in mind that with a game being more accessible than others, it means there will be competition between platform operators to get punters playing.

Thankfully, the above is a significant positive for players because it means they’re likely to benefit along the way from casino bonuses and promotions that include Aviator.

Of course, Aviator isn’t a video slot, so offers won’t include free spins, but there could be Aviator no deposit bonuses or Aviator free credits available. And what makes this more likely is that Aviator breaks tradition. It’s not just another slot game.

In reality, the perks are more likely to occur at crypto casinos hosting Aviator than at traditional online casinos, and this is because they often have dedicated sectors for content such as this. So operators are therefore going to likely give the game more of a push and make a bigger deal about it, which in turn benefits players and makes the platforms the best to play Aviator on with real money.


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JustBit Casino Info

JustBit Casino

4.7 /5

€750 Welcome Bonus + 75 Free Spins

  • European Players Welcome
  • Big Jackpots Available
  • VIP for Loyal Players

18+ New Players Only. Min. Wagering Requirement. Valid until Further Notice. Full T&C's Apply

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How To Play Aviator

Playing Aviator is a game that won’t be too taxing for anyone. There’s a simple process to follow, and it will take just a round or two to get to grips with things. Players are aiming to place wagers on the plane, they can place up to two per round, and as it flies through the sky, they can cash out at any point.

The higher the plane climbs, the higher the multiplier will rise, and so will the potential returns. But, this is a crash game, and failing to cash out before the crash occurs will see all bets still on board lost.

The first phase of the game is the betting period, where players will determine if they want to place one bet or two per round and how much they want to stake. The arrows on the screen will allow wagers to be increased or decreased, but it’s important to note that because games can last between 8 and 30 seconds, it can lead to bankrolls being eaten away at quickly.

When the betting period is over, it’s time to play. As the plane flies through the sky and begins to ascend, so will the multiplier. In this period, punters must decide when the right time is to cash out. When they feel the time is right, the option is there to cash out, which will secure their winnings. But, wait too long, and wagers will be lost forever, and a new betting period will begin.

Tips & Tricks to win in Aviator Crash Game

It’s important to note that Aviator is a game based on luck and chance, but there are elements that players can control. The first tip is to understand that rounds complete within seconds, so having a wagering system and sticking to it is critical.

It’s also vital not to get too greedy. Everyone will want to stay on the plane as long as possible and hit the big multipliers, but it’s unlikely to happen often. Therefore, it could be worth setting sights lower and aiming for smaller wins more often.

As the game is based on luck, there aren’t any strategies that guarantee success. Not even the Martingale System will help. But, this also means that players can find out what approach they can develop themselves and what they’re comfortable with. This is more likely to yield better results in the long term than anything else. And, as always, an approach can be adjusted over time as players become more experienced with the game and how it works.

Why Is Aviator So Popular?

As mentioned above, Aviator is a simple but effective game, and that’s a massive positive in terms of popularity. There’s not much of a learning curve, so players can fire up the game and get started, whether it’s the first time they’ve played or not. Regardless of how experienced a player is, they will still have plenty of fun.

Aviator also represents a move away from the norm. It’s not what many would describe as a traditional casino game, making it a popular choice. People often get bored of playing the same old, but with Aviator, it’s something new and fresh, representing a change of pace that will always be appreciated.

There is also a multiplayer element to proceedings because multiple people will be placing their bets on the plane and cashing out simultaneously. This is usually evidenced by a log of how well punters have done with each round on the screen. And there can also be chat boxes incorporated so players can chat with each other as they play.

Finally, while Aviator is a game based on chance, the player is the one who is in complete control of many elements, such as how much they want to stake and when the time is to cash out before potentially losing their wager.


  • Simple game to pick up.
  • Not too many rules.
  • Innovative.
  • Crypto friendly.
  • Multiplayer.


  • Rounds go quick so fast losses can occur.
  • You can’t devise working strategies.
  • Game is based on chance alone.
  • Not much input is required, so feels like you're not playing.
  • Unpredictable to the point of being frustrating.


You can play Aviator at online, mobile and crypto casinos.

Aviator comes with a demo mode, which is perfect for those new to the game.

The RTP or return to player of Aviator is an impressive 97%.

Spribe used the latest HTML technology to ensure the game works on smaller screens.

As Aviator is available to play at crypto casinos, you will be able to play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Aviator uses technology that ensures it’s provably fair, so it’s one of the best games to play for this reason.

profile - chris
profile - chris

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