Top 5 Bitcoin Casino Sites - May, 2022

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BTC Casino Sites

BTC Casinos Bitcoin was founded & globally launched in October 2008 by a Pseudonymous Group named Satoshi Nakamoto. This unidentified group would release white papers that outlined the technical directives for decentralized cryptocurrency. Shortly afterwards, Bitcoin was accessible for digital monetization. Investors, Traders, and Gamblers have utilized BTC to purchase an assortment of goods & services. Neither party retains more power than the last, as Bitcoin is maintained through a decentralized network of consumers. Therefore, banking authorities and national governments have struggled to regulate this marketplace.

Online gambling establishments saw the progression that decentralization was experiencing, prompting them to incorporate Deposits & Withdrawals into their banking division. Nobody had anticipated that cryptocurrencies would become popular amongst gamblers, but several years after blockchain payments were introduced, BTC Casinos have flourished with global user-bases.

Spectators that’ve previously wagered with an Online Casino will notice an identical experience when participating with BTC Betting Sites. That’ll mean Video Slots, Promotions, Monthly Tournaments, and Merchandise Prizes are available to punters. There’ll also be Live Casinos that retain blockchain payments. But approaching these gambling products isn’t recommended until conclusions are made on which casino is favorable. We’ve identified how to make those assumptions down below.

BTC Casinos are taking flight and recruiting more gamblers with a love for crypto. Here we will discuss crypto casinos with a particular focus on the games that crypto casinos offer. Using cryptocurrency to gamble with has many benefits. The most standout ones are that it makes payments easier, faster and more often than not, much cheaper. Withdrawals no longer take many working days to land in your bank account and they can be enjoyed almost instantaneously in most situations.

Why Choose to play in BTC?

There isn’t a cryptocurrency as popular as Bitcoin on the market, with BTC very much being the leader in the crypto scene since the beginning. And, as it is the king of cryptocurrencies, we see BTC casinos and platforms which accept BTC spring up all over the place.

Bitcoin-based casinos, and platforms which accept BTC players, believe this is the way to make their service more accessible, fashionable, convenient and safe. The advantages are unparalleled, and remain mutually beneficial, for operators and gamers alike.

There is an additional benefit to BTC casinos which surrounds the games on offer. Some games that are specific to crypto casinos are able to utilise the blockchain to prove their genuineness and fairness.

Most online casinos which embrace Bitcoin will encourage users to play with BTC directly as its reputation very much goes before it. However, there are some platforms which will take Bitcoin deposits in exchange for their native token.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which needs no introduction. It was the first of its kind when Satoshi Nakamoto created it over a decade ago, and it’s come on leaps and bounds since.

Bitcoin is a digital currency used to make transactions, so, it’s perfect for the casino world thanks to the benefits it provides. Using blockchain technology, every transaction which takes place is verified and recorded, and this happens quickly and efficiently.

A Bitcoin online casino is just like a regular crypto or any other online casino. These types of casinos cater for gamblers to allow them to enjoy games and potentially win money. However, the money that is won at a crypto casino is, as the name suggests, not fiat currencies. Players at crypto casinos will wager digital currencies and win the same cryptocurrencies.

Most Bitcoin casinos do not offer crypto play in multiple digital currencies. Instead, they will focus on a single cryptocurrency – but not exclusively. For example, a Bitcoin enthusiast and avid gambler will have to find a crypto casino that handles the crypto they hold, invest or trade. The good news is that the most popular cryptocurrencies already have many crypto casinos that use them. It is easy to find a Bitcoin casino, Ethereum casino, Ripple casino and more when you look online.

Bitcoin is the market leader when it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, and that stands for something. People will have their ideas on which crypto works best for them, but, BTC is established and has been for over twelve years. It has significant backing in both the online and real worlds and is the most reputable token around.

All the above make it perfect for people who enjoy playing at online casinos. We’ve not only seen Bitcoin become accepted by platforms; we’ve seen enterprises set up exclusively to support BTC users. It tells you everything you need to know about the original cryptocurrency and why it still leads the way today as the token of choice for most.

Along with spinning reels and table games that will be seen in regular online casinos, crypto casinos also offer players the chance to play some exclusive crypto games that can only be played with cryptocurrency and on a crypto gambling site. The most notable is one game called Bitcoin dice.

This is a unique game that builds on other dice games. House edges on all games can be appealing, with dice games like the one just mentioned sometimes having a phenomenal house edge of just 0.8%!

Trying a new casino game of any kind can be difficult and many gamblers will not want to wager crypto on games that they are unsure of, or not certain of how to play. To make it easier for crypto gamblers, many crypto casinos have also allowed free play on these new and exciting games. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with the games before gambling with your precious crypto.

Crypto Games can be enjoyed at crypto casinos and there are plenty to choose from as crypto and the gambling industry both see a rise in interest and investment.

Before you do find a crypto casino that speaks your digital currency language, it is always worthwhile to seek out some crypto casino promotions – or play for free as discussed above. Crypto casinos need to entice players and make the gambling experience enjoyable, just like regular casinos, and they do that with promotions and bonuses.

You can usually find these on the crypto casino sites directly or through social media, blogs and more. It is worth checking out content producers in both the crypto and gambling industries when looking for crypto casino promotions.

Gamblers identify their age & handover their email address, while also picking their preferred username.

Players can initiate Match Deposits, Free Spins, Monthly Reloads, Free Bets, and Rebates.

Pros & Cons

  • BTC Casinos are Privatized, Meaning Playthroughs are Anonymous.
  • The Integration of Bonuses is Altered on Monthly Rotations.
  • Investment Opportunities Exist outside the Casino.
  • Mobile Accessibility of BTC Casino is Authorized.
  • Fast Processing for the Deposits & Withdrawals.
  • Licenses aren’t Required for BTC Casinos.
  • Bitcoin Costs Thousands of Dollars to Purchase.
  • Deposit Chargebacks aren’t Permitted with BTC Deposits.
  • Terms & Conditions are Instigated onto the Monthly Bonuses.
  • BTC Casinos aren’t Full Proof, Meaning that Attacks are Possible.
    Bitcoins Ecosystem is Complex & Requires Basic Knowledge of Cybersecurity.


Bitcoin’s expansion throughout the global gambling marketplace has been staggering. Experts would’ve never anticipated payouts increasing in value thanks to cryptocurrencies. However, that outcome would arrive years after Bitcoin was incorporated into the casinos banking division.

Now multiple Online BTC Betting Sites exist & target international gamblers, without the limitation of government intervention. That’ll mean probability at winning payouts is increased through the utilization of Bitcoin. Therefore, spectators shouldn’t be questioning what advantages are associated to BTC. They should be asking themselves what gaming products best & how casino deposits are implemented with Bitcoin. To ascertain that inform, read onwards.

Popular Bitcoin Games with an Online Casino

Thousands of gambling products have been constructed for the online environment. Typically, software manufacturers favour the creation of Video Slots. These games have shortened timeframes for development cycles & are cost-effective.

As such, there’ll be hundreds of slots supplied through any Bitcoin Casino. But multiple variations of this game are available, meaning revising your selection is still needed. Players can choose between Classic Slots that’ll have 3-Reels & 1 Payline, or selected Video Slots that maintain various features to activate large payouts. We’ve identified two options for our intrigued readers, meaning prizemoney is closer than you previously imagined.

  • Avatar Gateway Guardians: Crack the Mysteries of Hindu Gods in Avatar Gateway Guardians from Yggdrasil Gaming. There’ll be 3-Reels and 8 Paylines that guide participants to Free Spins, Bonus Multipliers, Bonus Rounds, and Wilds. This can lead towards payouts worth 101x the staked wager.
  • Power of Thor Megaways: Experience Norse Mythology as it happened in Pragmatic Play’s Five Reel, All Payline Video Slot. There’ll be various features to activate as participants traverse the Olympian Fields & Mountains. Those game modes include Free Spins, Multipliers, and Scatters. By activating these features, x5000 your staked wager could be won.

Casino sites accepting BTC

More online gaming platforms are now accepting BTC, but unlike other tokens, it’s Bitcoin which is leading the way where mainstream casinos are concerned.

BTC brought the raft of benefits provided by most other digital currencies to fruition. It keeps the operator and user safe from cyber crooks, it’s quick, and it’s transparent.

With a range of BTC exclusive casinos and platforms accepting Bitcoin out there, it’s worth shopping around to find the best deals and promotions.

Using BTC at Casino

If you still need convincing, here are several significant benefits to BTC:

  1. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency
  2. BTC is the market leader and most popular digital token around
  3. Transactions are fast and transparent
  4. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is renowned for being the best for a reason, and this is why you should take a look and see how it can benefit you today, especially if you play games at online casinos.

Casino Deposits with BTC

Fascinated gamblers wanting to experience these Video Slots are required to deposit into their favored casino. For cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, that’ll me the utilization of Crypto Wallets like Binance and Ledger. You’ll need to establish an account with these wallets, then link that account to your casino. Afterwards, exchanging funds to gambling establishments is authorized. That’s because betting establishments will become your Blockchain Contact.

  • Binance: Millions of international investors and gamblers have utilized the Binance Wallet. Its services are considered faster than most blockchain payment platforms. As such, their growth throughout the market has been unfathomable. You’ll be authorized to deposit & withdraw into online gambling houses without any interferences, then utilize those finances to reinvest with various services like the NFT.
  • Ledger: 1.5 customers and 120 Million transactions later, Ledger is considered an incredible cold wallet that has considerably improved since launching in July 2014. Those improvements accounted for gamblers & investment opportunities, which are plentiful with Ledger. You’ll be authorized to relocate your crypto payouts into various investment services, including Stocks and Forex. But for our spectators, Ledger’s primary purpose is to house deposits into a BTC Online Casino.

You’ll be authorized to setup Automatic Deposits & Automatic Withdrawals, which establishes banking components that casinos didn’t previously have.

Blackjack, Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Keno are commonplace games seen in a Live Casino.

Most countries haven’t intervened with Blockchain & Crypto technologies. As such, the taxation of these currencies hasn’t been objectified to date.

Purchasing an exclusive Bitcoin in US Dollars would require $60k or more.

There’ll be Reward Programs available to players that signup with these gambling establishments.

No, there’ll be zero requirements for players to reverify their transactions after they’ve initially been made.

Gamblers younger than Nineteen or Eighteen won’t be authorized to gamble under any conditions.

Yes, you’ll be capable to contacting support specialists via Live Chat and Email.