Top 5 Ripple Casino Sites - Jun, 2022

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XRP Casino Sites

XRP Casinos Mainstream cryptocurrencies have expanded tenfold, as global audiences learn about the financial incentives & monetary value of differing coin. Typically, the advancement of cryptocurrencies is allotted to Bitcoin. But researchers & reporters won’t consider the historical references of Ripple. This payment service was launched in 2004 by Ryan Fugger of Vancouver, Canada. Though blockchain platforms weren’t implemented alongside Ripple, concepts were identical.

Userbases that utilized RipplePay were provided access to proprietary technologies that enabled global transfers of fiat currencies with increased security. The sole difference would be the exclusion of central servers. Eventually, RipplePay was sold by Ryan Fugger.

The updated owners of RipplePay were David Schwartz, Arthur Britto, and Jen McCaleb. Those individuals would rename the company into OpenCoin. That’d continue onwards for twelve months before OpenCoin was reformed into RipplePay Laboratory Incorporated. They’d launch the XRP Token shortly after their funding rounds, which allowed for 1 Billion XRP to be sold. Moreover, another 8 Billion XRP are available for future purchasing rounds.

This has provoked fascination amongst gamblers, as the XRP Token trades at $1.25 USD. However, predictions estimate that potential highs for this cryptocurrency could reach by $12.00 in 2022 and $50.00 in 2025. Therefore, gamblers that trigger payouts worth hundreds of XRP Tokens could maintain significant fortunes in the future. But an understanding over XRP Casinos is needed before those prizes can be ascertained.

Why use XRP at an Online Casino?

For those that use cryptocurrency, the most appealing payment methods come from using their crypto over fiat currencies. Not so many regular online casinos have caught on to using crypto as a method of payment yet, and as a result, crypto-only casinos are increasing in popularity.

Ripple may not be a word used often outside of crypto circles but within them, it is one on everyone’s lips. Ripple is a crypto platform that enables its users to trade digital currencies. However, in this instance, we are not here to discuss Ripple as a platform – but as a cryptocurrency. The same platform runs its own crypto also called Ripple but abbreviated as XRP.

If you need a rundown of some of the fantastic benefits XRP provides, here they are:

  • Casinos embrace XRP as a reputable cryptocurrency
  • It’s one of the most popular digital currencies on the market
  • Ripple is a day to day payment system with blazing fast speeds and at low costs
  • Banks support Ripple

The cost of one Ripple coin at the time of publication is around $0.5, making it one of the most known and cheapest cryptos on the market


XRP is the digital token which represents the reputable Ripple Network. The aim of XRP is for it to act as the go-between for cryptocurrencies as well as fiat-exchanges.

It can effectively morph into other currencies, so, it can play a role in most financial transfers as a result. Of course, as a cryptocurrency, XRP is one of the most well-known, providing a wealth of benefits to its user base.

Cryptocurrencies and online casinos go hand in hand, as the former provides the latter with what’s demanded by users all around the world.

Not only does XRP allow transactions to complete at a faster rate, it keeps everyone’s details safe while doing so as well.

XRP, the digital token of the Ripple Network, is also a cryptocurrency which has been around a while. It’s stood the test of time and consistently proven itself to be one of the most popular digital currencies on the market, mentioned in the same conversations as the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A Ripple Casino is just like any other online casino but is powered by Ripple – the currency and not the platform. Gamblers who use Ripple online casinos wager their Ripple when playing all types of casino games.

The games at a Ripple casino may highly resemble those on a regular online casino using fiat currencies. However, some crypto casinos do offer unique games exclusive to using crypto.

Most Ripple casino gamers choose to do their gambling on these exclusive online casinos because deposit and withdrawals are cheap, quick and convenient.

Ripple casinos must compete with a worldwide plethora of other online casinos. However, they have the power to attract gamblers that a lot of regular casinos cannot due to their foundations in crypto and the convenience benefits just mentioned.

Nevertheless, they still adopt orthodox tactics of attracting players and improving the overall gambling experience through promotions. Many promotions are Ripple casinos reflect those also on offer at any other online casino.

From free spins, deposit bonuses to other promotions, Ripple casino players have a lot to take advantage of.

To get your hands on these Ripple casino bonuses it is best to find a Ripple casino you prefer and see what current promotions are being advertised. Although this is the easiest and most convenient way to find Ripple casino promotions, you can also find them on social media and on websites that discuss gambling topics and gambling industry news.

To get your hands on these Ripple casino bonuses it is best to find a Ripple casino you prefer and see what current promotions are being advertised.

Although this is the easiest and most convenient way to find Ripple casino promotions, you can also find them on social media and on websites that discuss gambling topics and gambling industry news.

XRP is one of the most reputable digital tokens in the business, so gaming platforms which support it are secure. Reputation is everything in the online casino world, and XRP’s is up there with the best.

As a market leader where cryptos are concerned, most platforms which accept XRP as a payment method will allow direct deposits. Some casinos will require XRP (Ripple) to be converted into a native token, though.

Pros & Cons

  • Ripple is Backed by 100+ Financial Institutions.
  • XRP Tokens are Purchased at Reasonable Prices.
  • Betting Establishments will Distribute Payouts in XRP.
  • XRP Tokens are Expected to Reach Values of $50.00 in 2025.
  • The Scalability of Ripple XRP is Monumental at 8 Billion Tokens.
  • The Security Exchange Commission is Suing Ripple Lab Inc.
  • Transactions are Verified by Online XRP Betting Sites.
  • Centralization is Applied to the XRP Ripple Token.
  • Volatile Assessments aren’t Avoided with XRP.
  • XRP Tokens are Released in Set Intervals.


There’ll be two arguments made for the XRP Token. Individuals that originated this marketplace will reference that centralization goes against the concept of blockchain & cryptocurrencies, that government intervention shouldn’t be involved with digital transactions. But others would argue that decentralization is prolific for money laundering and criminal activity, that standard investors are comprised by lack of regulations.

In other words, Centralization guarantees improved security for participants. There’ll be records of your transactions, payments, and exchanges with online services. Any discrepancies that won’t be solved by establishments can be remedied by regulators. As such, XRP Online Casinos are governed & regulated by third parties. That’ll provide you safer environments when wagering XRP Tokens across Video Slots, Live Dealers, Sportsbooks, and Table Games.

Popular XRP Games with an Online Casino

Gamblers that’ll purchase XRP Tokens & deposit them into an Online XRP Casino Site should maintain an understanding behind which Video Slots are favorable for starting a playthrough. Beginners could unknowingly select gambling products that exceed their capabilities.

  • Medusa Strike: Activate payouts worth x850 your staked wager & have opportunities to trigger four progressive jackpots on Medusa Strike, a Five Reel and 243 Ways-to-Win Video Slot. There’ll be Bonus Rounds that lead towards the progressive jackpots. Moreover, Multipliers and Free Spins are partnered alongside Wilds. As such, multiple opportunities exist for gamblers to retrieve payouts.
  • Hyper Burst: Explore a forgotten island in Hyper Burst, Yggdrasil Gaming’s Five Reel and 25 Payline Video Slot. There’ll be payouts worth x12800 the staked wager & betting options are listed between $0.25 to $100.00 per spin. That’ll mean thousands could be awarded amongst the Wild Multipliers.
  • 7th Heaven: Participate in Betsoft Gaming’s Five Reel and 18 Payline Video Slot, 7th Heaven. This slot machine takes a classic approach in its design. However, modern features are incorporated into 7th Heaven. That includes the Wilds and Free Spins, which lead towards maximum payouts at 5000 Coins.

Video Slots educate newcomers into the standards of online betting. This prompted our three suggestions from above. Differing themes & gameplay components are identified throughout these Slots.

Casino sites accepting XRP currency

Casinos generally look to accept cryptocurrencies they know they can trust. As XRP has a sound reputation, a raft of them encourage users of the Ripple Network to get involved. It’s the credibility of the network and XRP token which has made Ripple a prominent figure in the online casino crypto scene already.

In our in-depth guide, you will learn about XRP and why it is one of the go-to cryptocurrencies for online casino gamers. XRP brings a lot of significant benefits to the table, and you can’t afford to miss out on them. As the world evolves, especially where technology is concerned, there’s now a demand for casino services to process transactions faster and in a more secure manner. So, it’s is where XRP and other cryptocurrencies come into the picture.

Multiple crypto casino gaming platforms are welcoming XRP users already, and many of them offer new players exciting and advantageous bonuses and promotions which are worth checking out.

Playing directly or with a native casino token, users will be able to reap the benefits which cryptocurrencies such as XRP provide. Therefore, making them the ideal choice when gaming online, regardless of the platform an individual is making use of at the time.

Casino Deposits with Ripple

Funding an account to experience the previously mentioned Video Slots requires the employment of Cryptocurrency Wallets. There’ll be numerous payment platforms targeting consumers that utilize the XRP Token. As such, saturated markets exist & make the identification process troublesome for beginners. As such, we’ve identified two payment platforms named CoinBase & CoinsPaid.

  • CoinBase wallet for Casino: Gamblers wanting convenience & streamlined experiences when depositing with the XRP Token are recommended to acquire the CoinBase Wallet. It’s cheaper than expected, with transactions processed at massive lows of 0.99 Cents. That’ll mean x1 XRP Token is needed to convert your cryptocurrencies. Moreover, x1 XRP Token is required when withdrawing finances within a 48-Hour Period. This is more cost effective than newcomers would expect.
  • CoinsPaid wallet for Casino: This Company allowed gamblers to deposit & withdraw across numerous gambling establishments. Moreover, Coins or Tokens acquired through an Online XRP Betting Site are investable into numerous financial services. That could include DeFi Products like NFTs, Commodities, Forex, and Stocks.

You’ll be capable of depositing and withdrawing with nearly immediate effect by utilizing these services. Our guests should maintain streamlined and straightforward options to register with reputable Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Ripple is a popular digital token for several reasons. Its reputation speaks for itself and transactions complete at blazing fast speeds. It’s worth noting some mainstream banks support XRP, too.

Most, if not all, Ripple casinos and platforms supporting XRP are compatible with mobile-play. Therefore, they’re convenient and perfect for punters who enjoy playing their favourite games on the go.

Eleven financial institutes have tested the Ripple Network. That includes Barclays, Santander, Westpac, CIBC, BMO, RBC, and multiple others.

Multiple financial institutions, banking corporations, and charities have partnered with Ripple. That includes the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Western Union, American Express, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, the Bank of America, and numerous others.

Gamblers are given the opportunity to wager on sporting events with prominent leagues like the Premier League, National Hockey League, International Cricket Association, and various others.

Gamblers can typically participate in rounds of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker that’ll be hosted by Live Dealers.

Players that’d like to terminate their promotions can contact support specialists. However, funds aren’t redistributed to players as chargebacks.

Wagering requirements are applied to an Online XRP Casinos promotions. It’ll be required that players fulfil those requirements for withdrawing purpose.

Unfortunately, the Centralization nature of the XRP Token means that mining is banned by Ripple Lab Inc.

Yes, Stellar and Binance allow users to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies like the USD or Euro.

That’ll depend on which gambling establishment is chosen. Typically, limitations are applied to the notification of casino-based changes. That’ll mean any alterations to the gaming catalogue, promotions, or services aren’t notified to players.