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American Blackjack is – as you can probably guess – the American’s spin-off on the popular card-game, found in almost every casino around the world today.

While the game features fairly similarly to the type you’re probably familiar with, there are a few, key-differences, and these are detailed below.

American Blackjack – How To Play

American Blackjack features exactly the same as European Blackjack or other types you may have played, and you simply select the stake you wish to play, and press the ‘Deal’ button. You will then be given two cards, with the aim of the game to make your hand as close to 21 as possible, while beating the dealers.

However, there are some differences during the gameplay you should be aware of.

What’s Different?

First off, the dealer draws two cards right away, instead of one. They will ‘check for Blackjack’ after your first two cards are dealt, meaning if they have Blackjack, the hand is over there and then.

Most American Blackjack tables also give you the chance to ‘surrender’ your bet.

This is where you have a mediocre hand – say a 14, 15, or 16, against a strong dealer first-card, usually a 9, 10, or an Ace. By selecting the ‘surrender’ option, you can end the hand there and then, but instead of losing your entire wager, you get half back.

For instance, if you staked $10, and wanted to surrender your hand because you thought the dealer was going to win, you would receive $5 back!

It’s not best-practice to surrender your bet often, but it can be a nice alternative when the dealer has an Ace, and you’re stuck with a poor hand that has little chance of winning.

American Blackjack also differs in the fact that you are subject to different rules when it comes to splitting or doubling your hand; mainly the ‘Double Down’ feature.

While this differs dependant on which casino you’re gaming at, in general, you can Double Down on any number you want, instead of the European Blackjack’s ‘9, 10, or 11 only’ rule.

In short, American Blackjack isn’t that much different from variations you might already have played, but the few differences can make a difference in the game-play, especially when you’re following a basic-strategy guide.

If YOU want to enjoy American Blackjack, check the game above to see the best casinos to begin gaming at!

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