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American Roulette is a popular spin-off from the traditional French and European versions, and while the game predominantly features the same, there are some key differences which make the game quite different from other forms.

The History Of American Roulette

No one is quite sure where American Roulette originated, but it’s generally accepted that the Las Vegas Casinos were looking at ways to increase the edge they held over players. European and French Roulette tables were profitable, but they wanted more…

Which is why they invented American Roulette!

So What Are The Differences Between European & French Roulette, And American Roulette?

First and foremost, if you’re planning on playing colour bets – i.e. the Red or Black bets – then you’ll want to stay away from American Roulette. That’s because there are two ‘zeros’, meaning there’s more chance of you losing your stake!

In fact, the Double Zero is pretty much the only difference between American Roulette and regular versions, but this added Zero actually affects your odds of winning… a LOT.

For example, on a regular European or French Roulette wheel, there are 37 numbers. You get paid out at 35/1…

But on an American Roulette wheel, you also get paid at 35/1… but with the downside that there are 38 numbers.

This lowers your chance of winning substantially, and while it may not seem like a lot, it actually increases the casino’s house edge by around 4.5%.

So Why Would You Play American Roulette?

Well… if you have other options available to you…

You shouldn’t.

However, many American players don’t have the ability to choose other casino games, and if so, they’re stuck with this variation.

If you MUST play American Roulette, then make sure you try to stay away from placing money on the Double Zero bet, as if you do bet this way, you’re helping the Casino expand their edge, and lowering your chances of winning substantially.

If you want to look at Roulette games that can be profitable, check out the links below to see the best Casinos offering European and French Roulette variations.

These games offer much better odds, and subsequently increase your chances of winning, so it’s well-worth checking them out today.

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