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Baccarat is a game many players aren’t familiar with, but as the Online Casino world continues to evolve, it’s something that many players are looking to learn about, and as you’ll soon see, Baccarat can actually be one of the most profitable Casino games for you to play, thanks in part to the lower Casino edge while playing.

Aim Of The Game

Playing Baccarat is simple; you are dealt two cards. The dealer is also dealt two cards.

The aim of the game is to make your two cards add as close to 9 as possible – at the end, if your hand is nearer 9 than the dealers, you win, and you’ll be paid out.

If the dealer’s hand is higher, you lose, and you’ll lose your stake.


Once you place your bet, you will be dealt two cards. If your first two cards total 7, 8, or 9, then great. You can ‘stand’ your hand.

If your hand includes a picture card (including 10s), your total will be over 9, and the picture card will be discounted. So, if you were dealt a 7 and a 10, your total would be 17, but the picture card wouldn’t count, so you’d actually have 7.

You can also draw a third card if your total is low, to try and increase your hand’s chance of winning.

Betting Options

Baccarat is incredibly unique, with the fact that you can actually bet no just on your hand, but also the dealers.

This is called the ‘Bank’ bet, and you basically are betting on the dealer’s hand to be higher than yours.

Pick correctly, and you’ll win.

You can also bet on a tie, which pays 9/1, and, is as you probably guess, when your hand is tied with the dealer.

If you choose to bet on your own hand and win, you will be paid out at even money, or, often known as… 1/1.

Betting on the ‘Bank’ hand… the dealer… pays you out at 100/95. The small loss in the bet is the Casino’s commission, and while it may seem a bit cheeky, it’s very widespread, so don’t worry too much about it.

Baccarat can be very fun, and offers you the chance to enjoy a more relaxing Casino experience than perhaps if you were playing Roulette or Blackjack, so go check it out today!

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