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Roulette, like most casino games, is based upon chance – lady luck as some call it.

It’s a VERY fun game to play… when you’re winning…

But before you head to the tables, it’s important you have a good understanding of how to play, in order to maximise your chances of enjoying a winning session!

So, let’s look at the different bets available.

Even-Money Bets

Even-money bets, are, as you can guess, bets that pay out the same amount you wager. For instance, if you were to stake $10 and win, you would receive $20 back – your initial $10 stake, plus $10 in winnings.

Even-Money bets include betting on Red/Black, Odds/Evens, and High/Low numbers.

If you’re playing the colour bets, always try to play on a French Roulette wheel, as if Zero drops, you get half your stake back.

Straight-Up Betting

Roulette has 37 numbers – From 1-36, plus the 0.

These bets can be played individually, or as part of a group, and what’s really attractive about playing straight-up bets is that they offer a significantly higher return than the Even-Money shots.

If you’re lucky enough to land one of these, you’ll be paid out at 35/1, which means $1 on a number would return $36.

Neighbour Bets

Neighbour Betting is where you choose one number – say, 14 – and place a stake on it. Instead of all the money covering that number, your stake is split into 5 parts – each part is placed upon one of 5 numbers. So, in our example, $1 would be placed on 14, 20, 31, 9, and 1 – the two numbers each side of 14 – hence the ‘Neighbour’ bet analogy.

This is a great way to bet on your favourite numbers, ensuring that if the ball lands one or two spots away, you still win.

Section Bets

There are a selection of section bets available on a Roulette table, with these covering three parts of the wheel. These cover either 8, 9, or 12 numbers, dependant on which you choose, and like the Neighbour bets, your stake is split evenly between all the numbers.

Choosing the right bet to play is important to your gaming experience. For instance, Even-Money bets are a lot easier to win, but they don’t pay anywhere near as much as Straight-Up betting; for this reason, you should always be clear on how much you want to gamble, and set yourself strict limits to stick to!

Go enjoy Roulette, and see whether or not it’s your lucky day!

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