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Card counting is one of the oldest forms of system in Blackjack, and when pulled off correctly it’s possible to manipulate the percentage edge of the Casino, putting it instead, in your favour.

The first thing you need to be aware of, is that in order to card can successfully you need to be playing at a Blackjack table which uses a single deck of cards. Failure to do so renders the system virtually useless, so always try to find a Blackjack table uses just one deck of cards.

Card Counting – The Basics

While card counting can be hard to get your head around at first, the general concept is that each card is assigned a value. This value differs depending on which card counting system you use, but the common theme is that cards from two – seven sharing number, with the middle group of cards also show a number, and then of course, the high cards also showing a number.

As the cards are dealt out, you simply keep track of the numbers dealt, and use this information to get an accurate idea of whether the next card that will be higher low.

This may not sound a huge advantage, but it can give you a general idea of whether you should look to hit or stand your hand, as you have a small edge of knowing whether there is a higher or lower probability of a certain type of card coming out.

You can also use this – when the game uses multiple decks – to figure out which cars are more likely to be dealt, thus giving you the chance to either increase or decrease the size of your bet.

Is Card Counting Legal?

Card counting is completely legal, and was has been, but that does not mean that Casinos are happy with players using it. If a player is caught card counting they will usually be thrown out of the Casino, and band – but, any winnings they managed to make cannot be held by the Casino. These must be paid out.

The reason Casinos can choose the bank customers the playing using card counting, is because they are a private establishment and can ban anyone for any reason. Because of this, is always important that you card count on the sly, and do your best not to attract suspicion while using it.

Find a reputable guide online, read up about the mathematics of the game and how you can use them to your advantage, and card counting could just be a little edge you need to start winning consistently!

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