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Blackjack is a popular game, enjoyed many millions of players around the world each year.

How is it then, that while the game itself is known to many, few know its origins – or even when the game was first played!

To look at exactly where Blackjack originated, you have to delve back into both the French and Italian history books.

Various historians and gambling experts argue over the origin is, but in general, it’s accepted that one of the afore-mentioned countries begun the original game.

Of course, it’s unlikely that early version of Blackjack are anything like the ones played today, but what is interesting to note, is that the first documented report of Blackjack can be found in the Homer writings of around 700 B.C.

There is also further reference to the game by Ptolemy in around 250 B.C, proving, beyond doubt, that the game has a long-history, indeed making it through many wars and global catastrophes.

Modern Day Blackjack

Again, no definitive source is mentioned in terms of where Blackjack came from, but during the First World War, Blackjack was enjoyed by soldiers – played at a higher rate than even that of the world’s most popular card game – poker.

However, it’s worth noting that the idea of playing Blackjack for money probably wasn’t invented until many decades later – the soldiers who played didn’t wager money, instead playing ‘privately’, or… for fun.

Las Vegas is often said to be the creator of ‘modern day Blackjack’. While they most certainly didn’t create the game from scratch, they most certainly helped with its evolvement, and the many variations of the Blackjack game available today can often be attributed back to the 60’s, when Vegas was run by greedy, money-fuelled mobsters, desperate to find new ways of exploiting players and making money!

How Does Blackjack Evolve Today?

With millions of players enjoying the game each year, Casino bosses and software entrepreneurs are always trying to find ways to enhance the game, both in terms of the user experience, and the edge to the Casino.

Today, you’ll find hundreds of different Blackjack variations, with some of the most popular include Pontoon, Double Exposure Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, and Multi-Hand Blackjack.

In fact, many side bets can also be found on many Blackjack games, including the Perfect Pairs bet, the 21+3, and many ‘Aces’ jackpot bonuses, that award players ludicrous sums of money if they manage to draw four identical aces.

Whatever type of Blackjack game you’re looking to play, you have a LOT of choice, so go head to the tables today and see if it’s YOUR lucky day!

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