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Blackjack is one of the most popular Casino games around today, and you’ll find it in bookmakers, online gaming rooms, and the traditional land-based Casinos.

While Blackjack is fairly easy to pick up, it’s worth knowing the odds before you play to ensure that you are always paid out correctly, and you are what aware exactly how much money you will win on each given hand.

What Are The Odds?

Thankfully, it is really simple to work out the odds of Blackjack, and the first bet amount you want to understand is the main bet.

This is the bet you place to begin the hand, and if your hand ends up beating the dealers, any amount you stake will be paid out at even money.

For example, if you did a $10 Blackjack and one, you would receive $20 back – the initial $10 stake, and $10 worth of winnings.

If you are lucky enough to get a Blackjack on your first hand – that is, an ace and a picture card – you will be awarded a pay out of 3/2.

This means, that if your main bet was $20, and you are lucky enough to get Blackjack, you would be given back $50. $20 of this would be your initial stake, and $30 would be a winnings – calculating Blackjack can be a little tricky when playing strange amounts, so if you want to ensure you maintain around, or even figure balance, always try to play stakes which are even numbers.

Many players are under the impression that when you split a hand, or double and you get different odds – this simply is not true, but any time you split or double, your hands will still be paid out at even money.

For example, if you had a pair of eights, and split them, and then one both hands, you would be paid out on both your bet at even money. For example, if you are starting bet was $10, and you split the eights, your total stake would be $20 – to lots of $10. The dealer would then pay you $40 in total – $20 of which was your initial stake, and $20 which is your winnings.

Thankfully, online Casinos handle all of the payout work for you, so there’s no need to double check to ensure you’ve been paid out correctly. Head to a Blackjack table today, and see if it’s your lucky day – it’s a really exciting game, and with such a small Casino edge, is one that you can begin using to try to win a lot of money!

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