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Blackjack is an incredibly popular card game, enjoyed by millions of players around the world each day, and this guide assumes you understand the basics of how to play – that’s because we going to look at doubling down, hitting or standing, and splitting.

Hitting Or Standing

After your first two cards are dealt, you have the option to either hit your hand, or stand. Hitting means you take another card, in an attempt to improve your hand. For example, if your first two cards were two and three, you would have a total of five – it is impossible to go bust, no matter what card came up next, see you would enormously hit looking to make your hand higher and have a better chance of beating the dealer.

If however your first two cards were 10 and nine, you would have 19, a very strong hand that could be improved only by pulling in a saw two out of the deck – an incredibly unlikely occurrence. In this situation you would usually choose to stand, as your hand is already strong and you simply want to give the chance the dealer to bust.


If your first two cards dealt are of the same number value, you usually have the chance to split them.

For example, if your first two cards were pair of sevens, you would have a total of 14 – a very weak hand.

But, if you are to split these two sevens, you would then have the chance to make two new hands, typically aiming to hit 17 on both. In order to split you simply need to match your initial stake, so if your main bet was $10 and you want to split a pair, you would need to wager an additional $10.

Doubling Down

Doubling down allows you to increase the size of your bet after you’ve been dealt your first two cards if you like your hand. It can usually only be done when your first two cards total up to 9, 10, or 11, although some Casinos and Blackjack variations were later doubled down on any hand you want.

Doubling down give you one extra card, for the price of your initial bet. For example, just like the splitting above, you would need to match your initial bet in understood to double. You should never double while the dealer shows his or her first card is an ace or a 10, but generally any other times doubling down is a good idea.

Blackjack is a really simple game to pick up, and as long as you have a grasp of the core fundamentals of playing, you are in with a great chance of winning. Make sure you read up on the probability and the best strategy system, so you know exactly when you should hit, stand, double, and split.

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