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Card Counting within Blackjack is one of the most popular forms of winning strategy there is while playing, and it is used by players to gain an advantage for determining hands, as well as calling and raising bets.

It can be quite a hard and complex system to understand at first, but it gets a lot easier the more your practice, and before long, you’ll find yourself winning more often!

How To Card Count

Counting Cards while playing Blackjack isn’t just a case of making a checklist of the cards that have already come out – you need to familiarise yourself with the number values cards are assigned, and then keep track of exactly what cards have come out.

Blackjack Card Counting is usually based on the fact that high cards (above nine), especially aces, are good for you as a player. Accordingly, low cards are good for the dealer. High cards are good for you because they increase your chance of getting a "Blackjack" – or, if not Blackjack, they still give you a chance to make a high hand (meaning it’s harder for the dealer to beat it).

High cards also improve your chance of success when splitting pairs, and doubling down – because the high cards give you stronger hands, this is a BIG advantage when playing.

Now, just as high cards are good for you, the low cards are good for the dealer. This is because they decrease the chance that they will go bust, and, because they must always draw their hand to 17, they don’t have the option of ‘standing’ like you do – that’s why, when you notice lots of small cards coming out, you should bet BIG, and when you see lots of big cards coming out, you should slow down, and bet small.

Let’s Look At One Of The Most Common Card-Counting Systems

It’s called the Hi-Lo Count, and any playing card which has a number of 2 to 6 is then assigned a value of +1. Picture cards (including tens) are assigned a value of -1. Cards which have a value of 7, 8, or 9 are irrelevant, and are given a total of 0.

Before beginning a hand, you simply count from the zero, and add or subtract 1 according to what cards come out. After the hand is over, if you notice the total – or, the ‘count’ – is high, then you increase your bet. If it’s low, you decrease, or take a break from the table.

That’s just a brief summary of Card-Counting, but once you get your head around the concept it becomes a LOT easier, so take the time to learn the ins and outs of the system, and see how much more yo can win while playing!

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