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D'Alembert is a unique Roulette strategy, that many experienced players choose to adopt while gaming.

It’s effectiveness is continually under intense-observation from experts and mathematicians, with some arguing it’s one of the best Roulette systems around… with others citing its obvious flaws.

What Is The D’Alembert System?

It’s pretty simple to pick up; you start with a betting unit that you feel comfortable with and after a loss you increase your bets by one unit. After a win you decrease your bets by one unit.

This continues indefinitely until you get back to your original starting stake size and you’ve won, and at this point, you’d be in profit by the amount you chose to stake as your initial wager.

This process continues over and over until you're back to your starting unit size and you win, at which point you would be in profit by the size of your original wager. Here is a very simple example of how you betting progression could look:

5 - loss- 6 - win - 5 - loss - 6 - loss - 7 - win - 6 - win - 5 - win - 5 - win

As you can see at the right hand side of the line, on the last bet rather than reduce it to 4, it has been left at 5. This is because your starting bet was 5 so rather than decrease it, you would ride out a winning streak with the same bet size. If however you wanted to continue decreasing your bets you could do, it's a matter of personal choice.

How you bet, is up to you. Many Roulette players choose simply to bet on the Red/Black even-money bet while playing, while others will choose the High/Low or Odds/Evens vet instead. It’s important to stick to an even-money bet, and while the colour bets are definitely the simplest, you can mix things up and try different bets if you want.

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