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Playing at an online Casino is one of the most enjoyable experiences a gambler can enjoy, and online Casinos give you a whole host of benefits over conventional land-based Casinos.

The main benefit, is, of course, the convenience factor. You can enjoy all your favourite Casino games right from your home!

While this – in itself – is a HUGE bonus, many players want more from their online gaming experience, and, as the name of this post would suggest, the ‘High-Roller’ status is one that many players strive to achieve.

What Is A High-Roller?

In short, a High-Roller is someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, and gambles hard! Now, in the back of your head, you might have an image of a drunk businessman in Vegas losing all his money, but a real High-Roller is much more than that.

They get respect… all other gamblers want to be like them…

And when they win, they win BIG!

So… you want to be a High-Roller… so what games do you play?!

High-Roller Games

The type of High Roller Crypto Games you can enjoy largely depends on the Casino you decide to game with.

This is because many Casinos set table limits, which sets a maximum cap on the amount of money you can wager.

These limits could be, for example, $1-$100 on a Blackjack table, meaning the minimum bet per hand is $1, with the maximum being $100. HOWEVER; find a Casino that offers higher table limits, and you can begin playing the types of games High-Rollers do, thus earning yourself instant respect (and giving yourself the chance to win a LOT of money!)

Check our one of the following Top Crypto Casinos if you want to enjoy a High-Roller experience.

Now there are also slot games available to High-Roller players.

One of the most popular of these so-called ‘High-Roller’ games, is Starburst, one of the most popular slot games on the Internet. Starburst allows you (dependant on Casino) to stake up to a whopping $500 per spin… a truly insane amount!

Other popular High-Roller slots include Genie Jackpots, Jack & The Beanstalk, and Mega Moolah ISIS.

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