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Roulette is one of the most popular Casinos games in the world, and millions of eager players attempt to ‘beat the wheel’ each week.

Where there’s money, of course, comes greed, and while many players claim to have special ‘systems’ to crack Roulette games, at the end of the day, you must remember that Casinos offer it for a reason – to make money.

It’s stood the test of time as a successful money-maker for the Casinos, and you should be VERY weary before attempting to play any system.

That said, there are some popular strategies from around the world, and in this post, we’re going to cover the Paroli Roulette system – a common system from around the world.

What Is The Paroli Roulette System?

First off, if you’re familiar with the Martingale system, it’s worth noting that the Paroli system works in the direct opposite way.

Instead of increasing your bet-size when you lose (like with the Martingale system), instead, you increase your bet-size when you win, hopefully getting on a ‘streak’ and building your bankroll FAST!

However, you will need to plan a betting procedure whereby you know how far you will let the bet build before you take it down to the initial starting bet and how much to raise after each win. This obviously depends on the type of game played and the odds of the bet.

The advantage of this system is that you do not require a large bankroll. It lets the profit run and cuts short the losses.

Who Should Use The Paroli Roulette System?

Well… anyone wanting to try and beat the Casinos and win money!

That said, just like the martingale system, the Paroli Roulette system can amount to big wins AND losses, so it’s worth bearing in mind that losing streaks can happen, just like winning streaks.

Once of the best ways to use the Paroli Roulette system is to not over-do it. Play every now and again, but don’t rely alone on the system to help you win.

Also, some land-based Casinos don’t allow systems like the Paroli system to be used. You can get thrown out of the Casino and your winnings held if you’re found to be using it, but this is generally in more corrupt nations like Croatia and Russia. In the UK, USA, and Australia, there’s no law against using such systems, so long as you’re not cheating.

So go ahead…

Use the Paroli Roulette system today, and see how much YOU can win!

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