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Jack Kennedy (no relation to the Presidential family!) is an author, well-known for his book called ‘Square Ro-Let’. Within this book, he talked about a way of playing Roulette that he calls the Square Roulette System, otherwise known as ‘Positional Roulette’.

The book gained instant-notoriety within the industry, mainly for its high-success rate, and while the system can be tough to pick-up, once mastered, it presents players with a very unique way to play, increasing their edge over the Casino!

How It Works

The general gist of Positional Roulette is to imagine the Roulette split into a square. You then simply place bets on one side of the square – we’re essentially splitting the Roulette wheel into four parts, and then betting on one part.

You then choose to bet on one or two sets of four numbers (it’s completely your choice which numbers you choose), but there are a couple of conditions. The numbers must be the same colour, and they must also run parallel to the image created by Jack, shown below.

It’s also worth noting that zero is coloured red, to even out the square and make everything equal.

The aim of the strategy is to stick to the same numbers, only changing once you’ve hit a specific set of criteria, and you’ve won money. You then play with the Casino’s money, instead of yours!

How Does The Positional Roulette System Do Against Other Roulette Systems?

In short; very well. While it’s quite a complex ideology, the Positional Roulette system offers you a fantastic chance to consistently win while playing Roulette, and its well-worth taking the time to learn the method so you can begin using it!

Plus, with the fact that many online-Casinos are now offering incredible welcome-bonuses, there’s never been a better time to try it out! This is because you can claim a 100% deposit bonus, meaning that any amount you put into your Casino account will be doubled!

This means you can play with the Casinos money instead of yours, letting you try out the Positional Roulette System risk free!

So… what are you waiting for! Sign up with one of the online casino reviews here, and start playing the Positional Roulette System for yourself!

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