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A High-Roller, also known to some as a ‘Whale’, or ‘Shark’ (the later if they play poker), is someone who gambles large sums of money. They don’t need to win big – or at all – in order to be deemed a High-Roller, and it’s often down to the appearance and attitude of the player in determining whether they fit the profile or not.

Casinos often reward High Rollers with luxurious gifts and bonuses for playing, and online Casinos follow suit, awarding lucrative promotional bonuses and free gifts fore gaming.

In the UK, High-Rollers may also be offered credit lines by the Casinos, helping to get them to spend more.

Different Casinos have different ‘rules’ for defining a High-Roller. At the Crown Casino in Australia for example, a player must bring between $AUS50,000 to $AUS75,000 to a table in order to be known a ‘High-Roller’ and enjoy the benefits that come alongside.

Casinos also are competitive in trying to get High Rollers through their doors. In Australia, you can find Casinos with limits of up to $AUS300,000 per table (meaning players can stake over a quarter of a million dollars on a single hand!), while in Macau, the gambling ‘hub’ of Asia, it’s not uncommon to find tables offering bet limits of upwards of $AUS500,000!

High Rollers often have expert knowledge of the games they’re playing – a common misconception about them. For instance, many players think a High-Roller is simply a drunk businessman with a lot of money – this isn’t the case, and most High-Rollers plan their trips a long time in advance, making preparations for transport and accommodation long-before their actual Casino trip.

It’s said that High-Rollers make up a large percentage of a Casino’s revenue, but again, this is a common misconception. Because High-Rollers are actually quite ‘clued-up’ on the games they play, they CAN and DO pose a threat to the Casinos, especially when they’re on a large winning streak.

Of course, this works both ways, and Casinos can also make a lot of money from having them play in their gaming rooms, one of the main reasons why they offer such large promotions, because they want to get them through the doors!

If you want to be a High-Roller, thankfully, you don’t need to be a millionaire anymore, because the Internet allows you to play at limits you can actually afford!

Join one of our trusted online Casino partners, and enjoy gaming from the comfort of your home!

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