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One of the biggest problems new players face when playing Blackjack, is knowing when to hit or stand.

This guide assumes you already know what hitting and standing means, but if you don’t, please click here to read our guide.

Went To Hit

First off, if your first two cards total up to 11 or below, you will always want to take card no matter what card the dealer is showing. This is because you simply cannot go bust by drawing another card, even if you pulled a 10 whilst on 11.

Your first two cards equalling 12 or above is where the real decisions start, and in general, if your first two cards are between 12 and 15, you should always try to take another card. The exception to this rule is when the dealer shows a six or below, because they must draw at least two more cards, giving them ample chance to go bust.

Below is an image of the best strategy Blackjack guide – this shows you the typical actions you should take dependent on which card the dealer is showing, with the cars you been dealt.

Best strategy: When To Stand

Just like hitting, knowing when to stand is very important in Blackjack so that you don’t bust your hands and up losing. Any hand which is 17 or higher should always be stood, as there is very little chance you will improve your hand, often going bust. The exception to this rule is when your hand is made up with an ace, meaning that you are on a softer number, but even then, you generally shouldn’t ever hit a hand above 17.

No matter what your first two cards are, you should always stand when the dealer’s first card is a 4, 5, or 6. You’ll see this from the strategy table above, and because the dealer must draw at least two cards, there is a good chance he or she will go bust, and you don’t want to put yourself through the chance of losing, when there’s simply no need.

If you’re playing online Blackjack, you have the added bonus of being able to have the basic strategy table up with you whenever you’re playing.

Playing in a land-based Casino makes things a bit trickier, but it’s always best to try and memorise the chart as best as possible so that you know exactly what to do, and when. Best of all, the chart also shows you when you should double or split, so try to always have a copy to hand when you’re playing.

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