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LiteCoin Casino Sites 2019

LiteCoin Casino Sites

All types of new and wonderful online casinos are popping up. There are casino games for all types of gamblers from those that prefer spinning the roulette wheel to those that prefer pulling the slots. Now online casinos don’t just cater to people who prefer different types of games, but they also cater to people who use cryptocurrency and want to gamble with it.

We are of course talking about the rise in cryptocurrency casinos. One of the most popular types of crypto casinos is Litecoin casinos. Here, we will discuss Litecoin for those that have never heard of it before and discuss how this crypto is now powering a select group of online casinos.

What Is Litecoin?

Litecoin is one form of cryptocurrency and one of the most known among crypto enthusiasts. However, it is less known among general society and those not involved with crypto at all. The coin is abbreviated as LTC and is far cheaper to purchase than the likes of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. At the time of writing, a single Litecoin coin costs around $90 when rounded to three decimal places and there are nearly 16 million Litecoin coins currently in circulation.

What Are Litecoin Casino Sites?

As you may gather from logic, a Litecoin online casino is a casino which offers recognisable casino games – and some unique games exclusive to these casinos – but players wage their Litecoin coins. Thus, it is a crypto online casino and like the majority of them, they are exclusive to one type of cryptocurrency.

Examples include a Bitcoin casino or an Ethereum online casino. One of the main reasons that cryptocurrency online casinos are becoming so popular is because crypto is quick, cheap, convenient and safe to gamble with, especially when comparing these casinos to some other online casinos.

Do Litecoin Casinos Offer Promotions?

It is quite evident that Litecoin online casino need help to attract gamblers and crypto fans when they already have to compete with a thriving online casino market and other cryptocurrencies which are better known and have a higher market value. As a result, Litecoin casinos do usually offer many types of promotions.

Most of these promotions resemble the types of promotions handed out to players of regular online casinos and other crypto casinos.

For example, Litecoin casinos will appeal to potential new members with welcome bonuses, free gaming time and more. Most promotions may be awarded to new members of the casino, but it is not uncommon for frequent Litecoin casino players to also be able to take advantage of their promotions.