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Twitch streamer TrainWrecks hosts a $1 million giveway to viewers and critics

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Twitch streamer TrainWrecks is reported to have given away $1 million on his stream on Saturday, after managing to win a whopping 10 million dollar pot while he was gambling. TrainWrecks had earlier made a promise that if he hit the 10 million grand prize, then he would go ahead and give away a million of that pot. And as luck would have it, Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam finally ended up hitting the 10 million.

The $1 million was given away in several quantities that ranged from a few hundred dollars, with other lucky streamers being awarded up to 30,000 USD. More cash seemingly went to those who dedicate much of their time on his channel. Chat members were also part of the winners. To win the money, they had to post 21 followed by their Bitcoin wallet address.

During TrainWrecks giveaway portion of his stream, he managed to peak over 70,000 viewers, with his subscriber count rocketing to more than 48,000, surpassing Adin Ross and joining the list of the top 10 most-subbed streamers on Twitch.

Apart from giving away chunks of cash to his viewers on Twitch, TrainWrecks also went ahead to give a significant amount of money to some of his friends. For instance, his childhood friend, John received $35,000 in terms of USD Bitcoin, FaZe Halo pro Snipedown received $15,000, and NYSL CDL pro Clayster also picked up $15,000.

For quite a long time, TrainWrecks has turned out to be a controversial figure on Twitch based on in gambling content. The streamer spends a sizeable amount of his streams by gambling huge sums of cash, and according to him, not everything has been well since he’s been losing large sums of cash, especially for the last 9 months. While he jokingly said that he would give away a million dollars, surprisingly, he went ahead and did exactly that after winning the $10 million.

TrainWrecks has admitted before that he engages in a dangerous and addictive habit. However, he tells people in his streams not to gamble the way he’s doing, and if they are going to gamble, then they should do so responsibly. The streamer also links to Gamble-Aware. Gamble-Aware is a charitable organization dedicated towards the treatment of gambling addiction and harm.

TrainWrecks did say at one point that he would consider quitting gambling, though this never came to be. On the other hand, Twitch hasn’t relented on its hardline stance on matters related to gambling with the company going ahead to suspend the entire referral codes to betting sites that are integrated in streams.

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